Monday, August 22, 2016

Big Daddy's Quilt

Remember the quilt I was working on for my father-in-law for Christmas Father's Day his birthday?

I finally finished it, and we gave it to him last night at a birthday dinner. I couldn't come up with a cute name, so I just called it Big Daddy's Quilt.

big daddy's quilt disappearing nine patch

When I was first pregnant and we were trying to think of nicknames for the grandparents, someone came up with the clever suggestion to call my 6'5" father-in-law Big Daddy. Deuce couldn't quite say all of that, and shortened the nickname to Big. Now pretty much everyone who knows him through us calls him Big. It sure does suit him - not only is he a big guy physically with a big deep voice, but he also has a big heart! He is so generous with his time and advice, especially for those who find themselves in difficult situations.

big daddy's quilt disappearing nine patch

I am so grateful to have in-laws I love and who are such a huge part of our family. Have a happy birthday, Big!

big daddy's quilt disappearing nine patch

Special thanks to Lene for quilting it with my favorite all over pattern for men.

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