Sunday, November 2, 2014

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It's Week 10!  I've completely abandoned my schedule for the last couple of weeks. It's been busy at work and busy at home - which adds up to a house desperately in need of a deep cleaning, dogs who need grooming, bills that need paying, and a sewing machine with a layer of dust.

Weeks 8 and 9 received some nominal attention yesterday, so now it's time to forgive and forget. Moving forward: this week is supposed to be a deep clean of the kitchen and cooking spaces. We are a little ahead on this since we purged the pantry and cabinets back on Week 4 (when we were supposed to be cleaning the master bedroom, which is still not pretty).

We definitely need to do the safety check; the smoke detectors were recently replaced, but now is a good time to stock up on cold & flu supplies. No one wants to have to make a midnight run to the drug store when one of us is sick!

We don't host Thanksgiving, but I am perusing recipes for what to bring to each house. I'm also using Punchbowl to send the invitation to my MiL's.

I haven't checked in with you in awhile, so let me know how it's going, what one thing you've done better than last year, or what challenges you are facing.

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  1. Hope you are doing well. Seeing this post makes me think I may need to try this next year. I will have to get DH on board, though, as a lot of the mess is his and he doesn't want me touching it.


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