Sunday, October 5, 2014

Houseworks Holiday Plan - Week 6 - Wardrobe Week></a><br />
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It's Week 6! Time to make sure everyone's clothes are ready for parties, pictures, and other special events.

Once again, this is one of those times when scaling back pays off. We don't get really dressed up for any of the holidays, and I don't do a family photo. We are making sure My Middle Child (MMC) has nice threads for the Homecoming Dance next weekend, so he'll be set if we have some unexpected fancy party. We decluttered closets when they cleaned their rooms right before school started, but I will go through the coat closet and give my laundry room a good scrubbing.

The Pit Boss and I have been brainstorming some gift ideas for the kids; as always, we're totally stumped for our parents. It's the annual struggle. They mean so much to us that it's hard to express. Everything we come up with seems so insufficient.

As for work gift swaps, we don't do too much, but my closest coworker and I have come up with a couple of ideas that we may do together for a few of our favorites.

I'm hoping that once the quilt show is over today I can focus on these tasks again. How are you doing with the plan?

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