Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mail from Australia! - Postcard Swap

Sandi over at Quilt Cabana Patterns has organized another postcard swap, this time to celebrate the beginning of summer.

Lucky me! My swap partner is the fabulous Philipa, aka OzzyPip who, as you might guess, is from the land down under.

She writes, "Dear Jenny, Australian summers where I live are very hot but it's also the wet season so things can be lush and green. Sunflowers are a commercial crop in my area and bloom over summer."

Pip sent me TWO postcards! 

She writes, "Dear Jenny, Australian summers can also be very hot and dry, especially during our all too often droughts. I've chosen yellows and browns plus some Aboriginal prints to illustrate this."

Pip mailed both postcards and a sweet note in an envelope, and it appears that it took about a week to arrive. She says this was her first time making postcards and she was nervous about getting them here on time. I'll bet hers are the first to show up!

Mine went in the mail today; I wanted to send it "naked" but chickened out at the last minute and put it in an envelope as well. I'll show you that one after it arrives in Australia so as not to spoil the surprise.

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  1. What a wonderful postcard! How thrilling to receive international mail as well.


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