Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WannaBees House Challenge

With our guild quilt show coming up in September, it's time for the WannaBees to get cracking on our group quilt. We've been batting around ideas for ages, finally chose a house theme, and now we've selected some fabric. Somehow none of us (that I know of) have started actually, you know, sewing.

Maybe it's because we can't imagine it coming together the way the last one did. Maybe it's because this one requires some actual artistic skill - there's perspective to consider.

 Whatever it is, we've procrastinated. A lot.

Ben has graciously used his actual artistic talent to draw out the house and some key lines.  We've each chosen the room we want to create.  I chose the master bedroom.  This cracks me up because my own bedroom is generally a pit, the dumping ground for all the homeless things in our house. 

We've decided it's a 1930's-ish house.  Someone else mentioned a farmhouse, but what fun is that?  I want to DREAM!

Funny story.  When I started looking for inspiration, I googled "1930's master bedroom" and the first link that popped up was this gorgeous room.  I realized that the decorator is a guy I graduated with from high school, who is now some big name designer in magazines!   Our 25th reunion is in October, and I'd love to bring a picture of the finished quilt to show him. 

Image from Elle Decor
I finally sat down with my outline and googled drawing+perspective.  I found this tutorial that is dumbed down almost enough for me and started sketching.  I also started a Pinterest board to save all the pictures that I love. 

Here's what I have so far.  Tomorrow I might try actual cutting.  Sewing will have to wait until next week.

Tomorrow I'll share the fabric dilemma. 

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