Friday, March 9, 2012

Going to Guild - David Taylor Quilts

Monday was guild night, and our speaker was the one and only David Taylor. I will start off by saying that I have never laughed so hard or so loud at guild, and that is saying something.

"Hidden Treasures"
David is the many-times-over award-winning quilter who name-drops with the best of them and tells stories that have you on a roller coaster ride of hysterical laughter and jaw-dropping awe.  His quilts are exquisite and his charm overflowing.

David shows us the equally beautiful back of one of his quilts.
Once again, the people who took the workshop the day before the lecture raved about it and made me dream of going to one of David's retreats.  (Doesn't this one, with Charlotte Angotti and Laura Wasilowski sound incredible?)

David shares his thoughts about "Marmalade's First Snow"
The story of how David's love of fabric turned into this amazing art is fascinating and hilarious at the same time.  I apologize for the quality and scarcity of pictures...I left my camera home and had to take these with my phone.  Spend a few minutes looking through David's gallery.  Then realize that there is no paint or dye on these quilts.  These are all individual pieces of fabric, appliqued on BY HAND, and then machine quilted. 

Awesome!  Standing ovation to our programs committee!  Thank you!


  1. If you laughed very hard at David, I can't imagines how much laughing would happen in a retreat that includesnCharlotte Angotti? Wow!

  2. I know, right? Can you imagine the dinner conversations? I don't know Lisa, but I've heard she is equally fun.

  3. Lucky you - I would love to see him & all of those mind-blowing quilts. My sister took the class -she forgot her camera too- hope she remembered to bring it to guild meeting.


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