Thursday, February 9, 2012

Going to Guild - Nancy Sapin of Sulky

Monday was guild night, and this month's program was by Nancy Sapin of Sulky.   She started the evening off with a mini-Oprah moment by giving everyone a spool of their new PolyLite 60 thread!

This meeting was jam-packed with so much information that I took four pages of notes!  It wasn't really necessary, because she also provided us with folders with several excellent references.  One was about needle size, one was about free motion quilting, and so much more.

Just a couple of highlights:
  • Sliver or Holoshimmer are flat threads, not round.  They need your spool pin to be in a vertical position and as little twisting or turning possible while you are threading your machine to find the "flat path."  You may also need to reduce your tension.
  • Sulky has four basic kinds of stabilizer with color coded labels:  permanent/cut away (purple), tear away (green), wash away (blue), and heat away (red).  This last one was new to me, and sounds awesome!  No need to leave your studio to get water; just run a dry iron over it.
  • Sulky's spray adhesive, KK2000, air dissipates in 3-5 days or heat dissipates (with an iron) immediately.  According to one guild member friend who uses this, it's the only one that doesn't bother her asthma and works great.  
  • When you use Fabri-Solvy, don't throw away your scraps.  You can add water to them and create "Liquid Solvy".  You can paint this on fabric that is normally slippery or too fuzzy to easily sew on to create a more stable base, and then just wash it out.  The example she showed was on a sweater, but I'm dying to try it on Minkee

 There was so much more, but you can find it all here.  At the end, they drew names for a whole slew of prizes.  I didn't win, but there was some good stuff in there!

This was just one example of the many, many quilts Nancy showed us.

Check out the gorgeous quilting:

 The back:

Later, they showed the raffle quilt top.  It is incredible!  I'll do a separate post on that later.

I thought I was going to have to use my Lamaze breathing to get through the budget discussion, but luckily they saved it for the end and the people who normally like to go into detail about how line items are listed in the reserve expense column...blah blah blah...accounting terms...blah blah blah...kill me now...must have been getting tired because it didn't drag on for too long.  Thankfully.

*For information about having a licensed Sulky educator speak at your guild meeting, simply contact Sulky directly.  I was not compensated in any way for this post or even asked to write it.  I just had a lot of fun, thanks to our awesome program committee!

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