Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Thanks to Madame Samm for the cute graphic!

After yesterday's Top Ten list for 2011, here are my Top Ten hopes, dreams, and wishes for 2012.
  1. For wisdom, for myself, our country, and all the world's leaders.
  2. For focus and balance as I begin to figure out what I want to do "when I grow up."
  3. For peace, in our hearts and in our world.
  4. For clarity, as Deuce applies for college, and strength, for me as I begin to imagine our household without him in it every day.  I hope I can hold onto the excitement of his new adventure without being selfish about how much I'm going to miss my boy!
  5. For joy, and remembering to appreciate the little moments.
  6. For patience, for all of us, as The Bear learns to drive.  Especially for him to be patient with himself, since he seems to think he should be an expert the first time he tries something new!
  7. For healing, for all of those who are suffering physically and emotionally. 
  8. For understanding, as Grace enters the thirteenth year of her life and begins middle school in the fall.  I've been bracing myself for this roller coaster ride!
  9. For continued love and laughter as The Pit Boss and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.  Where have the years gone? 
  10. For another happy, healthy year.  2011 was pretty good to us in this department, and that's the most I can wish for!  

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