Wednesday, December 28, 2011

All Wound UP

I'm practically bursting at the seams to tell you a secret I've been keeping since September!

Should I spill it or just give you a hint?

Okay, okay!  Remember when I interviewed Allison Rosen of SeamedUP back in June?  They had been talking about needing some help with social media around that time, and I was secretly hoping she was calling to ask me.  She wasn't, but the possibility was in the back of my mind as we chatted happily for far longer than either of us planned.

Then in September Allison called again.  This time, she really was asking for my help.  ME!  Helping with the awesome new website for quilters!  And not doing the hard coding part (Brye) or the spreadsheets and content part (Allison) - I get to do the fun, chatty part like writing blog posts, surfing the web to find the latest and greatest content for our What's UP? page, choosing featured projects for our facebook page, and tweeting.  And now that we've spilled the beans, I get to be on the podcast too!

If you haven't joined us already, now is a great time!  We are thisclose to moving the site to our new, faster server with plenty of elbow room for all the projects and fabric stash we want. 

Check out Episode 9 where Brye, Allison and I talk about what I'll be doing, the site move, the Modern Blocks Quilt Along, and the prank Allison and I already pulled on Brye.


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