Sunday, October 16, 2011

Holiday Grand Plan Week 8 - The Heart of the Home

It's Week 8 of the Holiday Grand Plan!

How does your guest room and bath look?  Mine is not bad.  I just need to spend a day at the mall taking back some returns from The Bear's birthday that have been stashed in there.  That might sound fun to you, but I'd rather go to the dentist than the mall!  If I'm going to shop, I want it to be for fabric.  Clothes don't count.

Moving on to Week 8 in the kitchen.  This is one of the most labor intensive but important weeks, in my opinion.  We spend a lot of time in our kitchen; it truly is the heart of the home.  Since it gets used a lot, it can always stand a deep cleaning.  Luckily, the other side of that coin is that I keep it pretty organized.

Of course this week we will continue with our ongoing tasks of:
  • making a meal to freeze
  • making a batch of goodies to share
  • working an hour a day on homemade gifts
  • buying 1/8 of your gift list (don't forget to wrap and tag!)
The big things to remember this week are:
  1. Make sure you are ready for Halloween.  Is everyone's costume made/purchased/assembled?  You might want to do a quick test run to see if there's an accessory missing, a hem that needs to be raised or lowered, or an area that could stand some reflective tape.  Safety first!  
  2. It's also crunch time on those holiday gifts.  If you are truly stumped, this would be a good time to contact the spouse/sister/best friend of that person to brainstorm some ideas.   
  3. Be honest.  If a homemade gift is not going well, take the pressure off and see if you can come up with something else.  That gift can wait until next year's birthday/Mother's Day/anniversary.  
  4. Buy your pumpkin!
I hope you have a great, productive week and that the weather where you are is as perfect and beautiful as it has been here the last few days.

If you're playing along, link up and share.

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