Saturday, April 30, 2011


Sorry I left you hanging, but wrapping up the lacrosse season and registration for next school year has been keeping us busy.  My days have included a lot of this:

And this:

But I really did go sew as soon as I published that last post.  I sat down with all my tips from Jeri and took a deep breath.  I had left everything exactly as it was when I left the shop.  I took a practice sandwich and started quilting.  Ugh!  Horrible noise, bird nest under the fabric.  The thread must have come out from the tension discs during the ride home.

I re-threaded the machine and started quilting on my practice piece.  It was going smoothly for an inch or two, and I thought I might have it when...the bobbin ran out.  I had to turn off the machine and walk away at that point.  I was ready to pitch it all out the front window.

The next day I came back, wound a bobbin, re-threaded everything, and gave it another go.  SUCCESS!  IT WORKED!  I was so excited that I kept checking the back of the quilt to make sure it really worked.

The last of this batch of baby quilts is done.  Here they are:  Twin Engine I and II! 

This isn't the greatest shot.  I'm not sure why, with natural light and such high contrast quilts, I couldn't get a good picture. 

I also tried to get a close up of the quilting so you could see what's been tormenting me all these weeks. 

I wanted lots of swooping spirals to capture the feel of both the spinning instruments in an old plane, and also the freedom and movement of air currents.

I'm so happy with how they turned out, and feel like I've learned a lot in the process.  I'm looking forward to my next round of FMQing to see if it sticks. 

Now it's time to get my baby fix!

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