Monday, August 9, 2010


I'm proud to say I have finally harvested some tomatoes.  And zucchini and peppers, but it's the tomatoes I'm most excited about.

Can I just say that I am half Italian and a southerner, but I have never successfully grown food before?  I do okay with herbs, and I did get one lonely heirloom tomato last year, but this is my first real summer of harvest.

It is so incredibly satisfying to grow something and then eat it.  Very similar to making something useful from scraps.  It makes me feel all self-reliant and productive. 

Last year I grew one tomato plant (and one lonely tomato).  This year I moved up to tomatoes, several shades of peppers, and zucchini.  I'm already planning a small raised bed for next year!  I need enough to make some of Aunt Marie's Fried Zucchini Flowers.  (Apparently you can buy bags of the flowers at farmers' markets up north for about $5, but the guy at Whole Foods looked at me like I was asking for organic alien antennae when I inquired here.)

What does your garden grow?


  1. I'm about to have an onslaught of tomatoes. A bunch are green and I'm just waiting for them to turn red. Cucumbers, peppers, and green beans grow at my house too. Congrats on getting your garden to grow!

  2. Congratulations on the garden. I've got a great recipe for zucchini bread, I posted it on my fb page. I'm not having too much luck with my tomatoes; all blight and splitting before they are big enough to pull from the vine. What's your secret? ~Lynn

  3. Lynn, I have only gotten about 4 zucchini, and now the whole plant looks like it can't stand the heat.

    Not sure why my tomatoes are working this year except that they are in a topsy-turvy and I mixed WaterSorb in with the potting soil. Who knows?


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