Thursday, July 1, 2010

Library Inspiration - Skydyes

A few weeks ago I was browsing in our local library for inspiration and came across this book:

Mickey Lawler
creates beautiful sky, sea, and earth fabrics with translucent fabric paints.  Then she teaches you how - and it is fun!  I started to say easy, because it isn't a hugely involved process, but I don't want to minimize her work.  Let's just say that I was easily able to find all of the required materials and get started on a primitive level in short order.

The book is out of print, but Amazon does have new and used copies right now.  Also, as I said, it is in our library system.  I wanted to "check it out" (pardon the pun) before buying, but I will be looking for my own copy.  It's a keeper!

Blick has a great video on using the Setacolor paints to make sunprints.  Mickey uses this technique and shares it as well.

Gracie and I, in our quest for cheap summer fun, tried it out on a few small pieces to start.  Here's what we ended up with:

This is what I did with one of the pieces:

I'm calling it Sand, Sea, Sky.  It was supposed to be for the Another Little Quilt Swap 4, but I didn't get it done by the deadline.

What new inspiration has hit you this summer?


  1. I will be on the look out for the book as well. i also really like the way you have set your blocks on an angle - it gives a real sence of the pattern flowing pas a window.

  2. Jenny has the book for $14.00 and up I dyed some fabric with some plum juice yesterday. Turned out a lovely marbled pink. BTW loved your queenly address bloody well said! Cheri


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