Sunday, March 22, 2009

Whoopsy Daisy!

In all my whining about my miserable March, I forgot to tell you about the wonderful new addition to our family. In between bouts of disease, we got a phone call about a puppy who needed a home. She was lost and every effort had been made to find her owners, but after more than a week went by, the foster family couldn't keep her any longer.

So we are the lucky new family to live with Daisy! The vet thinks she is about 6 months old with a lot of Golden Retriever and who-knows-what-else in her. She is such a sweet girl, housebroken and very loving. She is typically energetic like any puppy, but not obnoxiously hyper. She loves to ride in the car with me and, since she has some separation anxiety, I have been spoiling her rotten by taking her everywhere possible. Last week she got to go with me to the dry cleaner, gas station, Goodwill, bank, and to get the oil changed - not to mention 101 lacrosse practice carpools!

All of the kids really love her, but since we got her right before Gracie got the flu, my two girls have truly bonded. I love this picture taken one day when Gracie had just had enough. Daisy was obviously feeling sympathetic and wondering why her favorite girl couldn't go outside to play with her as usual.

I'm sure there will be more Adventures of Daisy in the days to come. I hope you all have a bright spot in your day!

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