Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dust on my Sewing Machine

Yes, there's dust on my sewing machine.
The last two months have gone by in a blur with some family issues that just needed my attention. Sad to say, my quilting is the first thing to go when I am short on time. Is that how it works at your house? I've added a poll. I think that's strange in a way, since I feel that quilting is my therapy; however, the physical layout of my sewing area means that I can't work without waking someone else when I have insomnia .
Cousin Andi had a baby girl on May 18. Piper is cute as pie with lots of dark hair. Next weekend I'll finally get to meet her in person. I hope she loves her lime green quilt. It is almost done, so I have no choice but to dust off the machine and get back to work!
I also got our king sized anniversary quilt back from the longarmer and need to put on the binding. I've never made a quilt larger than about twin size before, so this is a major accomplishment. Of course, it feels like wrestling with a cotton crocodile!
I hope you are all enjoying the lazy days of summer.


  1. I find that when I'm stressed I don't get a lot of actual sewing done, but I do a lot of fidgety things like trying to find projects I want to make with the fabric I have, I think just touching fabric is a bit of therapy for me. Stop stressing and get to work on that quilt on your design wall! It's going to be gorgeous!

  2. Quilting/sewing is definitely my therapy. And unfortunately, when I get excited and started on something it becomes an obsession, such that everything falls away....and that can be bad!


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