Monday, January 6, 2014

Menu Plan Monday - ReBoot!

It's Menu Plan Monday and it's time to reboot.  Deuce is headed back to Tuscaloosa on Tuesday if we are not iced in. Actually the whole week is up in the air depending on how much moisture we get before the temperatures drop below freezing and stay there until who knows when.  (I know, I know, all you yankees are rolling your eyes at us.  But driving on ice is not the same as driving on snow.)

My FitBit One hasn't arrived yet, but I'm operating under the theory that it's time to get back on the elliptical this week.  I can't make any promises if it really is 6 degrees with a wind chill of -13 when I wake up.  That's just crazy!

And in case you think I have some sort of amazing self control and have managed to maintain my weight over the holidays, let me reassure you.  I simply haven't logged my weight on My Fitness Pal in about two months!  Hoping to remedy that this week as well.  

My user name on My Fitness Pal is QJ2013 if you want to be friends.

MyFitnessPal - Free Calorie Counter
What's on your menu?

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