Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year - Looking Forward, Looking Back

Last January I wrote a long post about my word of the year and what I wanted to accomplish in 2013. Although many of my quilting goals remain unfinished, I was pretty happy to read through my list and see that I had really done a lot of it.

Here's a brief reap:
  • I want to share my love of quilting.  I want to teach at least one person at least one new thing about quilting this year.  But I hope it's a lot more than one.  This year I definitely accomplished this, although in an unusual way. - I didn't actually teach a quilting skill, but I did present my first guild program about social media for quilters.  Even better, I've been booked to present the program at another guild in April!
  • I want to share my quilts.  Every January I admire the people who make a charity quilt per month for a whole year.  I'm not sure I can keep that pace, but I do want to use some of this enormous stash to help others.  I have some fantastic children's novelty prints that my kids have outgrown, but which would be perfect for ConKerr Cancer or CASA. - This was slightly less successful.  I didn't make a whole stack to give away, but I did make bags for Drake House, two quilt tops for our church quilt ministry, and five quilts that were gifts.  I also gave away a bunch of denim!
  • I want to share my ideas.  I love the story about the person who has two pencils.  He shares, and now he and one other person each have a pencil.  But when a person with an idea shares with another person who has an idea, now they both have two ideas!  What could that lead to?  Brainstorming and sharing ideas with others is how I've always worked best, and I want to do more of that this year.  In addition to sharing my social media program, I have also helped our bee group organize a round robin and contributed some thoughts to publicizing the guild's upcoming show.  This resolution extended beyond quilting, and I have been sharing ideas with our church employment network and, of course, at my new job.
  • I want to share responsibility.  Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to say no, and to share an opportunity to serve with others who might not get a chance because I keep raising my hand.  When a volunteer opportunity arises, I want to remember to wait at least one moment to give that person a chance to help.  To this end, I bought all of my children laundry baskets for Christmas, and have taught them to do their own wash.  Worst present ever!  This resolution was a booming success.  In addition to the children doing their own laundry, they have all been spending more time in the kitchen.  Deuce makes some incredible homemade bread, Gracie is taking the occasional turn to plan and cook dinner, and the Bear is learning to bake.  I've unclenched my grip on the parental reins enough that The Pit Boss and Gracie have experienced several new things together - to a doctor and orthodontist appointment, a swim meet, and a gaggle of girls coming home from school on Halloween - all without me breathing down their necks.  I also worked up the nerve to say no when I was asked to coordinate the 7th grade girls' costumes for the middle school play...and again when they asked if I could just make a few nun costumes.  I'm so relieved that I do not have that hanging over my head for the next few weeks!
How did your year go?  Check back tomorrow to find out what the word for 2014 is going to be!


  1. Teaching independence is a wonderful gift, and one your children will thank you for "some day".

  2. Jenny, It has been great getting to know you online. Your dedication to your craft and your family is inspiring, Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much!

      PS...did you know you are set up as a "no reply blogger"?


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