Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top Ten of 2011

Isn't it my obligation as a blogger to do a retrospective of 2011? Here are my top ten favorite things that I blogged about this year:
  1. Snowmageddon And reading all four books in The Twilight Saga in a week!
  2. The See Greer Grow Quilt 
  3. Really getting the hang of FMQing on my machine
  4. Welcoming George to our family.  This little dog has his moments when he makes me crazy, but I forgive him every time he snuggles up on the couch and buries his head behind me to keep his nose warm!
  5. The Bear's graduation and starting high school.  Also, I finally finished his quilt.
  6. Achieving the goal of having a quilt I worked on in a show other than our own guild.  A technicality but still a highlight.
  7. A Day with an Angel
  8. The Modern Blocks Quilt Along.  You can click on the tag "quilt along" to see all of them.
  9. The Chill Out Party What a great way to celebrate without stress!
  10. Joining the SeamedUP team!  Especially the part about getting to be on the podcast. 
What were the highlights of your year?


  1. Love your top ten list. Is it really New Years Eve? I am totally doing the Sudi-o-rganization Challenge, but where to start?

  2. Allison says there will be homework and assignments, so never fear. Just grab the button and subscribe to WAQI.

    Can't believe 2011 is over either!


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