Thursday, December 15, 2011

Reusable Gift Bags

One of the "gifts from the studio" projects I did way back in October but never blogged about are my reusable gift bags.  I saw this on a bunch of blogs, but the one that made an impression was from Amanda Soule last Christmas. 

I made my bags even less complicated than hers!  I found some leftover upholstery fabric when I cleaned out the linen closet.  I think if the piece has already been recovered again, it's safe to use the fabric for something else, don't you? 

All I did was take a long piece (sorry, no precise measurements.  I used what I had) and hemmed the short ends.  Then I stitched up the sides - no fancy French seams for this project! - and stuck a gift inside.  I can't tell you what it is because The Pit Boss has recently started reading my blog (everyone say hi!) and it's for him.

I tied a bow around it and called it done.  Quite possibly, it took less time than finding scissors and tape and wrapping the gift.  For sure next year when I can just pull them out, I will be so thankful!

Also, this is a great procrastination project when you really should be folding laundry or making your next Modern Block.

Did I say that out loud?  Just kidding, Hon!  The laundry is completely caught up!  ~nod nod nod ~


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  1. I have done this for years. My SIL started it and it is a great way to use Christmas fabric. We have very little Christmas paper in our house and no giant amounts of recycling during the unwrapping. Check out my blog and search for 'gift bags'. I usually harp and harp and harp to try and get people to make them, but I didn't get to it this year.


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