Sunday, October 2, 2011

Holiday Grand Plan Week 6 - Babes in Toyland

It's Week 6 of the Holiday Grand Plan!

How's your bathroom look?  True confession:  I did nothing on this all week.  I didn't get any gifts bought, I didn't get any meals in the freezer, I didn't even get any goodies made to share.  Ugh!  But, like I always say, it doesn't have to be perfect to be progress.  Anything I do get done is one less thing to worry about in December.

So, fresh start for week 6.  No looking back or swearing I'll get to it.  The bathroom will be fine like it is.  (Okay, maybe I should give the toilet a quick swish.)

This week's deep clean is the kids' rooms and play areas.  It's the week that always feels like too much to me.  Seriously, the attic and garage each get their own week, but all three kids' rooms AND the basement have to be done this week?  Not a chance.  The only good thing is that my kids are finally old enough to do a lot of this themselves.

Of course this week we will continue with our ongoing tasks of:
  • making a meal to freeze
  • making a batch of goodies to share
  • working an hour a day on homemade gifts
  • buying 1/8 of your gift list (don't forget to wrap and tag!)
In addition, it's time to check your smoke detectors and batteries!

Last, make up a basket to keep in the guest room/bath with some travel size items most likely to be forgotten.  It will make your guests feel welcome, and you won't spend the first few hours of their visit running them to the store or looking all over for your own extras.

Are you playing along?  Link up and share!

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