Sunday, March 13, 2011

Greater Atlanta Shop Hop 2011 - Tiny Stitches

Tiny Stitches is our next shop on the Shop Hop Review.

Remember I told you that this year's theme is "A Quilter's Tour of Homes". Each shop picked a different kind of house for decorating and giveaways.

The fabulous prizes are the real incentive to hit every single shop on the hop! The Grand Prize is $100 at each shop - a total of $1100 in quilty goodness! You can also win a sewing machine or a basket of fat quarters and notions worth over $200.

Even if you can't make it all the way around, you can still win.  There will be an additional drawing for each shop worth about $100.

You've been with Mom and me to Tiny Stitches just a little over a month ago.  If I had to pick one quilt shop, this would be "my" store.  It's probably the closest one to my house, and my go-to shop when I need a specific thing in a hurry.  I know how it's laid out, know I can get good help and advice, and my car could go there on auto pilot.  Okay, my husband really doesn't need to know that last part. 

Tiny Stitches chose a castle as their theme.  I can only imagine the royalty who will greet us as we enter the shop!

You can follow the owner Maetha's blog and twitter feed so you don't miss a single minute of the fairytale!

For all the news about the Shop Hop, follow their blog.

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