Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another AWOL February

Oops, I did it again.

I was on a roll posting, and then ~*~poof~*~ I vanished for February.  It's the auction, I tell you. 

But now the auction is over, cleaned up, books closed, and we made a nice amount of money for the school.  The business manager is smiling because her budget will be that much easier to draw up, the principal and teachers are smiling because some special projects will be funded, and the parents are smiling because tuition will not have to be raised.  Wahoo!

Raise your hand if you are surprised that I did NOT manage to finish the twins' quilts in time for the shower.

It's true.  I didn't come close.  I didn't even have the tops done to show their mama who, by the way, was a real hero and delivered them both on Friday after a gazillion hours of labor.  But the tops are done now, and I hope to be quilting them this week. 

And the other cousin baby quilt?  It's not even cut out yet.  In fact, I haven't even settled for sure on a pattern.  I bought fabric with a certain pattern in mind, but keep thinking of other ways to put it together.  How late am I for this quilt?

Well, here's Greer Genelle, born on Saturday, February 19.  Poor quiltless baby! 

I'm dusting off my machine and getting back to work.  I promise.

Do you have certain times of year that you either get a lot of quilting done or none at all? 

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