Monday, March 28, 2011

Blogoversary FAIL

Today is my blog's third birthday. Wahoo!
I marked this date on my calendar a few months ago so I would be sure to post a week's worth of fabulously celebratory blog entries.

I hope you realize how much trouble I've gone to. 
  • I have nothing of any interest to give away.  Maybe I'm just tired of looking around my own sewing space, but right now it doesn't even look good enough to be free.  
  • I tried to update my header, managed to squeeze in a poor quality picture, and now can't figure out how to change it back.
  • We crammed so many lacrosse games into this past rainy weekend that I didn't set up any interesting or funny posts, so you are stuck with this lame excuse.

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood from three solid days of rain and thunder and lightning.  I'll be back to give it another shot tomorrow.



  1. Happy Blogiversary anyway!!!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary.
    Three years of faithfully posting your blog with all kinds of great stuff.
    Isn't it a pain when you do something and then it takes longer to correct than it did to mess it up in the first place.
    I feel your pain.


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