Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolution - Money, Money

Money is probably tied with weight loss for the most common New Year's resolution topic, don't you think? Sadly, money is one of the areas where I am least confident and organized, so another post where I can't really give you much help except a list of links - sorry.

I've been listening to Money Girl's podcasts and following her tips on facebook. This past year I've done a much better job of spending less and earning more. I'm cooking at home much more frequently, subbing more frequently, and have put myself on a strict fabric diet (ouch!). But now I think I'm going to make yet another effort at creating a budget and sticking to it.

One of the ways we are trying to keep a better grip on where our money goes is with the Money Manager feature offered by American Express to certain types of cardholders.  This compiles all of your charge and banking info in excruciating detail.  While occasionally painful, it really does help us see where the cash cows are and makes me think twice before I swipe the bank card at JoAnn's or my LQS!

I also like to listen to Clark Howard in the afternoons while I'm waiting in the car pool line.   If he's not being broadcast in your area, you can still listen live online.  He also has podcasts you can download on specific topics.  Clark's Greatest Hits is like the FAQ for the years and years of his show, and is where you can find an Identity Theft Guide, what the heck is a 529 plan, and so much more.

Another place I'm looking for guidance is Dave Ramsey.  I have a friend who took his class with her husband and says it changed her life.  I think I'll start with his 7 Baby Steps and go from there.

What are your financial weaknesses? Spending? Saving? Tracking purchases?

P.S.  I am not providing these links in exchange for anything.  They're just sites and shows I personally like.

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  1. I also put myself on a budget this year! Each month I've allotted myself $100 for quilting purchases. That includes everything - supplies, classes, fabric, etc. I downloaded an iPhone app that has a budget function in it so you can create a budget for anything and keep track of expenses and income for that particular category. Then you can download a spreadsheet to see more detail. :) I love it! Working well so far. I hate that I'm in day 5 of January and I only have $36.16 left in my quilting budget. Oh well. :)

    Sounds like you are off to a good start on fabric diets and doing things to help save more money. Good luck this year to you! I hope we are both successful.


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