Sunday, March 22, 2009

Unfortunately (Part 2) - Or March Madness

WARNING: Whining ahead.

It's been a long month. First, while I was living on caffeine and Nature Valley Yogurt Granola Bars, my coffeepot had the nerve to die on me. One minute I was sitting at the computer, happily sipping my crack, I mean coffee, and the next I heard this rattling noise of glass on metal and smelled smoke! Luckily the coffeepot realized that death was imminent and turned off all by itself before it killed us all. But no more coffee. :(

(Note: Cuisinart is kindly sending me a new one for the low, low price of shipping, even though it is no longer under warranty. And I didn't have to wait on hold for an eternity to speak to a real live human person. Excellent customer service!)

Then my darling Grace got the pukes. In the middle of a charity bowling event. With 100 of her closest friends and schoolmates in attendance. Nice. Nothing says sharing the love like spewing puke germs all over the people you care about most in the world.

Her brother felt the need to get in on the action, so he started coughing up gunk like an old smoker. After a few days without school he recovered nicely, but not before sharing it with the rest of us. My oldest is still hacking up a lung after lacrosse practice, but isn't interested in missing a game long enough to see an actual doctor.

In the midst of all of this joy, I realized that everyone's pants are far too short. This could disqualify me for my Mother of the Year Award, so I decided to use my dusty sewing machine for some trivial task like hemming when the worst happened: the light came on but nothing happened when I pushed on the pedal! Alas! (And stupid me, I checked to see if it was plugged in.)

So now I'm coughing and mourning and I have no coffee. We are in the middle of a fundraiser at the restaurant and getting ready for the biggest event of the year at my children's school. I am trying to suck it up and get through the week. Somehow I survive the big evening on Luden's cough drops and a few other (*ahem*) home remedies.

And Gracie gets the flu. And my computer dies. The same week.

Finally I dragged myself to the doctor to get meds for my own bronchitis, found a new computer, and saw the sun. (Oh, I didn't mention it had been RAINING this whole time???)

So, I think everyone is now healthy (except, possibly my oldest who is in denial). I have replaced the coffeepot and the computer. Spring is officially here. Now all I need is to think about a new sewing machine. I need input. My previous model was a New Home that my husband bought me as a surprise 17 years ago before I was even a quilter. It has been good to me, but I want to put some more thought into this purchase.

Suggestions? Comments? Links? HELP!

Hope you've been having a better March than I!

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