Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Day Out with the Wanna Bees

From Bulloch Hall Quilt Show
Today the Wanna Bees went on a field trip. Since nothing good ever happens on an empty stomach, we started our lovely day at the Fickle Pickle in Historic Roswell. There is nothing quite so yummy as their chicken salad and homemade potato chips with a heaping side of chit chat and endless discussion about fabric. The only thing that would have made it better is if we could have sat outside in the sunshine to eat, but it is raining. Again.
From Bulloch Hall Quilt Show

Once we were fortified, we were ready to move on to the main course for the day (to keep a metaphor going). Just down the street is the Bulloch Hall Quilt Show, also known as The Great American Cover-up. If you have a chance to get there before it closes on Saturday, you should make the effort. Especially fun to see are the challenges. I loved the ones with vintage blocks, which went well with the theme of "Recycling Traditions."

Ben and Jackie had lots of quilts in the show. Here's Ben with his quilt "Starry, Starry Night." It is so cool to see a finished quilt that I remember just being an idea and some computer doodling Ben shared with us at a Wanna Bees meeting less than 6 months ago!
From Bulloch Hall Quilt Show

...and Jackie with her "Midnight at the Sorbet Cafe."
From Bulloch Hall Quilt Show

They had/have a raffle quilt for sale, which wasn't so much my colors but gorgeously hand quilted, as always. Then there are always a couple of ladies demonstrating hand quilting and working on next year's raffle quilt. Now this one has my name all over it! Look at those blues! Of course, the blooming 9-Patch behind them is so gorgeous. I love those blues and yellows, and have always wanted to try this pattern.
From Bulloch Hall Quilt Show

We took one last glance off the veranda and wandered back out into the rain to rejoin the world in 2009; louder and so gray...but with the memory of those beautiful quilts forever.

For more, you can watch a slideshow of all my pictures from today. I tried to put as much description in the captions as possible to make sure the quilters got credit for their work and so you could find the ones you love again. Have a great day!

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