Monday, April 28, 2014

Menu Plan Monday - Let the Mayhem Begin!

It's Menu Plan Monday and we're kicking off that magical time of year I like to refer to as "Mayhem." Honestly, I think May might be worse than December! No graduation this year (next year we have TWO!) but exams, concerts, Mother's Day, my dad's birthday and Deuce coming home for the month make it challenging to stay on top of everything.

My FitBit is back to work, although I've had a couple of days where I forgot to put it on and so my step counts are even worse than usual! Seeing Pam in person last Thursday really inspired me to get moving...right up until the point where someone sent a mass email on Friday to say that there was leftover cake in the accounting department break room. So that happened.

My user name on My Fitness Pal is QJ2013 if you want to be friends.

MyFitnessPal - Free Calorie Counter
What's on your menu?

*just to see how many of you actually read what I'm cooking!

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