Friday, August 6, 2010

WannaBees Unite!

So it was finally time for the WannaBees meeting where we were to unite our challenge blocks. We were all holding our breath, wondering if these blocks would actually fit together, and then if they would look any good.

My block goes in the bottom right hand corner, and I chose to make jellyfish.  I am still having terrible problems with my tension and didn't have time to get the machine serviced, so I hope to add a bit more quilting.  

There was some discussion about the best way to join the blocks, and some last minute bling added.

Then we laid the whole thing out in the hall so we could look at it from a distance. 

Finally we got a sneak peak at the finished project.  It's not together yet, but we are already so excited. 

One question for you:  we are considering binding.  Someone suggested using the circle motif fabric that we all used in our blocks.  Someone else suggested a deep blue.  I was thinking of the kind of binding that you don't see - that is all the way folded back.  Normally I think the binding frames the quilt, but the ocean is not contained.  I think the "no edge" look would be great.  Have you ever used that type of binding?  What would you do?

Hope you manage to get it all together today!


  1. That is going to be an amazing quilt once it is finished! The collaboration seems to be a success.

  2. What great results from combined efforts. It is awesome. I think you are right about an unseen binding.

  3. I can't wait to see this in the show!


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