Thursday, August 12, 2010

My New Favorite Thing - The Supreme Slider

I told you about how I was having trouble machine quilting my WannaBees Ocean block, right? How my tension was all messed up and I needed to take Rene in for service?

Okay, so I took the machine in for service after being told it would be back the next evening. I went through all the paperwork, etc., and made a passing comment about "tomorrow." The woman helping me got really still and then asked what I meant. Turns out it wouldn't be back tomorrow, but more like next week. YIKES! I needed this block done! I couldn't be without my machine for a week! This is why I didn't leave it when we went on vacation. So the owner of the store apologized and gave me a few tips about my tension and cleaning so I could finish the block and then bring Rene in for service next week (They still have no idea who told me "the next day" or why...did I just misunderstand?)

I went home and carefully vacuumed my machine with one of my other favorite things.  Unfortunately I got a little aggressive while I was doing that, and I really screwed things up.  I accidentally sucked up the blade from my thread cutter, and dislodged another piece that apparently affects my bobbin thread.


So I took Rene back in for service and borrowed my mom's machine.  All well and good, except that she's a hand quilter and doesn't know how to lower the feed dogs.  I've searched out the manual online, only to find that the first 12 pages are all that's included.  How to lower the feed dogs is on page 16.

In desperation I added some hand quilting, but it wasn't enough and I knew it.  When I told the other WannaBees what was holding me up, Jodi said, "Oh!  You can borrow my Supreme Slider!" 

She explained that Leah Day, our latest quilt crush, uses this without lowering the feed dogs.  Why?  Because it messes up the tension!  Who knew?  I went to Jodi's to pick up the quilt and the slider. As she pulled out the slider to show me, I realized...

...I already have one! It's been sitting in my drawer since my mom bought it for me at a show about 2 years ago. It was right around the time I got my new machine, which has all these fancy bells and whistles for free motion, so I never even tried it.

The Supreme Slider is my new favorite thing. I can't wait to try it when I get Rene back, and thrilled I didn't buy a second one. The quilting went beautifully and quickly. The blocks are almost all together, and it looks great. Good news, because the show is only 37 days away!

Speaking of the show, there's still time to enter a quilt online.

Do you have a gadget you've never tried?  One that changed the way you quilt?  Please share! 

I hope this week you find a solution to something that's been slowing you down. 


  1. What does the Supreme Slider do? Does it cover the feed dogs? Thanks,

  2. Jaye, the links explain better than I can, but it's basically a sheet that is slick on one side and slightly clingy on the other with a hole for the needle in the middle.

    It covers the feed dogs and anything else on the machine that might cause drag, doesn't have to be attached or glued or taped on (it just lays on the machine) and the fabric glides across it.

  3. Oh! Lowering the feed dogs when you free motion quilt! I think somebody told me that once. Maybe I should try it next time. And maybe I can get this stupid look off my face.

  4. The Supreme Slider is also my favorite tool for quilting. After watching the amazing Leah Day and exploring her website, I decided to purchase the kit she sells. In addition to the Supreme Slider the kit includes a pair of Machingers (gloves with non -slip fingertips and the third thing is a set of teflon washers that fit in the bottom of you bobbin. They make the bobbin move freely to avoid the "bird nests" on the back of your quilt.
    With these three things added to my arsenal I am a better quilter.

    One thing that I have discovered is that my Supreme Slider doesn't work with the feed dogs up on my machine. When I used it that way I chewed up the edge of the hole where the needle goes through the mat.

    Jen, on my Pfafff the feed dogs are controlled by the knob on the right side at the bottom. It looks like a stitch length regulator but I think it controls the feed dogs tension. When I am free motion quilting I have it set on 0 and when I sew I have it on about 3.

    This may help you use Rene for quilting.

  5. Jenny, I too, found the Supreme Slider helped a lot with my FMQ, particularly with small to medium sized pieces. With large quilts, however, twice because of the drag of the quilt it slipped out of place and I ended up sewing through it. Grrr. I resolved this by taping it down.

    A question for you. I have also bought the vacuum attachments, but am not too happy because they don't seem to be "suck" in much. I was surprised to see your comment. Do you have some insights on this? What am I missing?


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