Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Going to Guild, Part I - Priscilla Hair

Our guest this month was Priscilla Hair, the self-proclaimed "queen of South Carolina quilting."
Get a load of the great shoes and crown someone made for her!  She says she does accept curtsies.  Oh, you know how I love funny mixed with lots of beautiful quilts, and Priscilla did not disappoint!

She taught her workshop, Crowning the New York Beauty, last Saturday, but we had a crazy weekend and I couldn't make it.  Those who attended showed the blocks they made, and they are spectacular!

 Last night she did a trunk show and talked about her quilting journey and her willingness to ignore the "quilt police."  Though she's over 70, she said she doesn't intend to join the Red Hat Society - instead, she formed her own group called The Sandbox Club.

In The Sandbox Club, you can wear comfortable clothes, do whatever you want, there are no meetings or dues, and you are encouraged to act your shoe size!

Remember when you were nine or ten and it wasn't embarrassing or wrong to color a cat purple or dance wildly to a song you liked?  When you were losing a game, so you'd just change the rules?  Priscilla encourages quilters to change the rules if they aren't working for you, and have fun with your quilting.

It was fascinating to see how Priscilla mixed lots of reds or pinks or blacks.  She advised us never to use just one black, but all the black fabric you could get your hands on.  Don't worry about it matching.  The subtle differences give the quilt interest.  Above all, she said, "you really have to not be afraid of color."

The quilts just kept coming - I took dozens of pictures - and it was difficult to decide which ones to show you.  It was a wonderful evening. 

What rules do you break?  Which do you feel compelled to follow? 


  1. They're all gorgeous but I dearly love the one with the fall leaves on the black background. So beautiful! We should all live by the rules of the Sandbox Club. I can just see my Hubby's face when I start acting my shoe size. =)

  2. Fabulous post Jenny! Makes me think it's time to lighten up a little more and have more fun. The quilts are fabulous. Thanks for this post.

  3. I found your posting while googling for Priscilla Hair, who will be teaching a class I have signed up for at a retreat next month. Thaks for giving a great picture of what it will be like to be in one of her classes!


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