Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's Holiday Grand Plan Time!

I know, I went AWOL on you for a little bit there. We had some family stuff and the start of school, which derailed me a bit.

So do you know what week it is? Do you?

It's Holiday Plan Week! I've been doing some version of a holiday plan since back in the 1990s when there was a "Get O" group on AOL. Back when dial-up was totally hip, totally cool, totally now. Back in the dark ages BC (before children).

I love plans. I think we've covered this. No matter how I might fall on my face in the third week, I am drawn like a moth to the light, like salmon upstream every August back to Organized Home. 

I've tried the newer Houseworks Plan the last two years, and it just doesn't feel the same for me.  So I'm switching back to the original, the tried and true, the Holiday Grand Plan.

Anyone interested in following along, just click the links and let me know how it's going.  I'm dreaming of a calm Christmas...if only in my dreams.

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