Sunday, August 24, 2014

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Loyal readers know that I am one of those annoying people who start talking about the holidays waaaayyy too early. In my defense, I don't celebrate early. I don't play Christmas music while I'm getting out the Halloween decorations. But I like to start <i>thinking</i> about it early, and that means I write about it here.<br />
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Loyal readers know I've done the Holiday Grand Plan for about eighteen years now, but I'm thinking seriously about switching after reading this article by Cynthia Ewer over at OrganizedChristmas.Com. I've considered it before, but always went back to the comfort of the plan I knew. This year, with our lives in such a different place - working full time, one kid in college and another with one foot out the door - it might be time. 

If this is going to drive you crazy, just skip my blog posts on Sundays until right around New Year's Day; if you find yourself both horrified and curious, stick around.

Don't get hung up on doing every single task or overthink things if your living arrangements don't dovetail perfectly with the plan. I will promise you that doing even a few things early - or just thinking about your plans ahead of time - will make December less stressful.

I'm going to try to blog more this year about my process and what steps have been the most helpful. I would love to know what you do to prepare. Will you join me?


  1. The one thing that got on my nerves about Christmas was stocking stuffers. Every year I wait until the last second and then spend a lot more than I wanted grabbing anything in sight. This year I already started buying stocking stuffers. I'll have to take inventory, but I have been buying things as I see them and I feel a lot better about it. Also, I find that I am not as resentful if I do things ahead.

  2. It's in the high 90's do I have to think about Christmas? :) I admire your goals. I shop starting Jan 1 and have paired down decorating etc. and just plain simplified.


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