Monday, January 7, 2013

Creative Prompts - #189 Old

I have always loved the idea of Jaye's Creative Prompts over at Artquiltmaker. Not being one for drawing much, I generally have an idea but don't put it down on paper.

But I've resolved to stop letting that stop me and jump in.  No one cares if I can draw or not; it's the brainstorming that counts.  And you know, that rolls right into my word for 2013.


The word this week is Old.  I just doodled while waiting for The Bear to come out of his guitar lesson.  Even though I absolutely cannot draw (the short woman looks so angry!), you still get the idea.  Maybe if I do this every week I'll get better at it.

What does Old mean to you?

You can see these and previous responses on the Flickr page Jaye has set up.  Why don't you jump in and share your idea with us?

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