Friday, February 24, 2012

Modern Blocks Quilt Along - Three Wishes

Today's Modern Block is Three Wishes by Jamie Moilanen.  

I really like this block, but it taught me an important lesson about "wonky" quilting.  I like the look of wonky and I like the freedom it gives to design your own blocks, but following someone else's pattern for a wonky quilt is just as - if not more - difficult than following a traditional pattern.  I really struggled with the angles and cutting pieces big enough for the space, much like I do with paper piecing.


  1. I like that one alot but you're right that it would be much easier to use it for inspiration than to follow it exactly.

  2. Hello! May I ask a question? I'm working through this block, and I came across something strange. It wants the corner square to be 2" x 2" and the big star width is 2.5" - what the heck? Thanks.


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