Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gifts From the Kitchen - Hot Cocoa Mix

I know this is a repeat from last year, but the holiday season isn't complete without Mom's Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix. 

Holiday Treat of the Week - Mom's "Homemade" Hot Cocoa Mix
Remember those jars you saved when you cleaned out the fridge?  Let the kids decorate the outside of the lids and stir up some hot cocoa mix.  Mix up in the biggest bowl you have and get the popcorn ready for movie night. 
  1. 2 lb box (actually 40 oz) Nesquick
  2. 1 lb powdered sugar
  3. 11 oz jar CoffeeMate
  4. 8 qts powdered milk
Stir together.  To make cocoa, add 2 heaping Tbsps to a cup of hot (not boiling) water.

If you didn't save any jars, it's also quite cute to put the mix in a disposable icing piping bag, top with mini marshmallows, and tie with a pretty ribbon.

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