Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Book List

I only read one book this whole month.  Depressing.  I honestly don't remember the last time I read at this pace.  Second grade?  No, I had far more free time then. 

Truthfully, I'm reading a lot.  I'm reading blogs and book reviews and the news.  But while I normally love to lie in bed and read a novel for an hour or more before I fall asleep, lately I've been drifting off before I turn the page.  I blame the weather...and Daylight Savings Time.  Thank goodness we're going to get our hour back this weekend!

After all those excuses, the one book I read is John Sandford's Shock Wave.  I love this man.  Seriously, LOVE him.  I love the way he writes and his heroes and the little funny bits in his stories that make them seem real.  I can't remember which book it was when Lucas Davenport got an iPod and a $100 iTunes gift card.  Lucas decided to buy the hundred greatest rock songs ever; this minor subplot throughout the rest of the book made such an impression on The Pit Boss and I that it has become a running family joke.  Once I even wrote to Mr. Sandford about it; his son wrote back the nicest note explaining that the story was based on a real event in their lives and was a family joke for them too.  LOVE. 

So I can tell you that, yes, we bought this book practically the moment it came out in hardback, both read it cover to cover in less than 72 hours, and I'm holding my breath for this:

Mark Harmon is Lucas Davenport?  ~Swoon~

Mark your calendars.  November 6.

That puts me at forty-seven books in forty-three weeks.

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