Saturday, July 9, 2011

Johns Creek Farmer's Market

I am so proud of my new little city!

Just a few years ago, our unincorporated area voted to become an independent city.  Living in one of the largest and most diverse counties anywhere, there were times when we felt that our community's needs were getting lost in the crowd.

Since that time our leaders have had some big ideas.  One of my favorite movements has been to make use of our great park space.  What was once an asphalt track around the recreation department fields and tennis courts has now become a gathering place for all ages. 

Last summer they started a community garden.  Each day as we walked by we would notice the corn growing taller or the beautiful vegetables on the vine.  In late spring, the dog park was completely revamped, thanks to a grant from Beneful.  We haven't been there yet - I'm waiting for the crowds to die down a bit - but it's on the list. 

Today was the first day of the Farmer's Market.  Mom and I were so excited to get up there right when it opened, and we weren't disappointed. 

David's Garden was there with his freshly canned jams, chow-chow, pickles, vegetable soup, and so much more!  Mom bought peach preserves, and David generously promised to send her a recipe for canning her figs.  Her tree is loaded, but she hasn't had much luck finding a recipe online.  Sadly, the one my great-grandmother used to use has apparently been lost.

Wally Bee's was there with local honey, beeswax candles, and other beeswax items.  I had just bought honey last week (doh!) but he is on my list for future purchases. 

Pappardelle's Pasta had a beautiful and intriguing selection of homemade pasta, including ten gluten free flavors.  I bought the garlic fettuccine to play it safe for the first time, but the orzo is definitely on my radar for next time. 

Essential Light Aroma offered a beautiful selection of diffusers, creams, sprays, and other aromatherapy items.  I'm especially intrigued by the flea spray (not for me - for the dogs!).  If anyone knows my husband personally, you could put a bug in his ear that I really really really like the Night Fragrance diffuser.  Also remind him that my birthday is Tuesday. 

There were several produce stands, including The Veggie Patch, Mountain Earth Farms, and Burnell Farms, where I picked up some gorgeous tomatoes. 

Last, I bought some creamy and delicious type of mozzarella, the name of which I should have written down because I can't remember, from CalyRoad Creamery.   I also didn't take a picture of these artisan cheeses because I was too busy sampling them chatting with the owner, Robin.

There were several vendors with bread, including Freshly Milled Breads, who had both healthy Ezekiel bread and yummy cookies and pies, and Belle's Breads, who made theirs with sage honey.  It is supposed to have a lower glycemic index, good for diabetics.  It was also very soft, honey wheat that I think my kids would love. 

It was a wonderful way to spend the morning.  We sipped coffee from CoffeeM, saw several neighbors and friends, pet the many well-behaved dogs, and tasted so many yummy things.  Special thanks to Leslie Guria of Fresh From Your Kitchen who helped organize and make this possible. 

I'm looking forward to next week when Leslie expects additional vendors to join us, including Little Red Hen with fresh eggs and poultry, and Just Butter with shea butter soaps and lotions. 

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