Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's Time

...for school to start, that is.

As much as I love summer vacation and sleeping late and no schedule and having my kids with me, it's time.

Here was the conversation at my kitchen table yesterday as Gracie (G) practiced her cursive writing. She was trying to think of adjectives about herself. My middle child (C) was reading nearby.

G: "Hmm...long hair, green eyes...likes dogs..."
C: "Annoying"
G: "Mom!"
C: "Loud"
G: "Hey!"
C: "Defensive"
G: "Stop it!"
C: "Bossy"
G: "What are you doing?"
C: "Questioning"
G: "Make him stop!"
C: "Tattletale"

...and on and on and on. I have to give him points for creativity and being quick on his feet, but he's always been like that. And he always knows just how to push Gracie's buttons.

I think I'm ready for Monday. Hopefully that will also involve more sewing time and some more consistent blogging. But don't hold your breath - it's football season.

Have a great weekend!

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