Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Happy New Year!

I know, I know. Kate and Melissa have already given me all kinds of grief so just skip it.

Plus, I got the most depressing email about my blog being "de-listed" from one of the rings I had joined due to inactivity. Nothing like a computer calling you lazy to brighten your day.

So I went to guild last night and saw Kate's blingy-bling-bling and Melissa made me laugh again like always and they both said, "Are you EVER going to post on your blog again?" so here I am.

Hopefully by the next post I'll have something interesting and quilty to tell you, but for now it will just have to do that I'm still alive and my computer is plugged in.

Anyone who cares...thank you!

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  1. Welcome back! No pictures of your fabulously reorganized and clean fridge?


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