Monday, May 26, 2014

Menu Plan Monday - #MDSI

It's Menu Plan Monday and I've been a very bad blogger. Chalk it up to Mother's Day (when I didn't make a menu plan or grocery list and, in fact, never even went to the store for the whole week!) or May-Hem or whatever. Sorry. Whatever it is, I'm ready for summer to be here.

It's already our last week to have Deuce home before he heads back to Tuscaloosa for his summer work. It's so hard to believe, especially since he will be moving into an apartment straight from his summer dorm residence. It feels like this is the last time we will all be truly living here together.

Regardless, I'm glad I have today off work and lots of family time scheduled this weekend. I had hoped to get some quilting done and participate in #MDSI, but I don't think that will happen much.
What's on your menu?

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