Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Little Quilt Swap

Have you ever participated in a quilt swap? I have swapped fabric in strips, squares, and scraps; I have swapped postcards, ATCs, and blocks; but never a whole quilt. My biggest reason has always been that I'm afraid I will let someone down by not finishing or mailing it on time.

As a fan of Kate North's blogs, both personal and for the ALQ Swap, I have watched with interest for awhile.  Now I think I might be ready to jump in.  Kate has adjusted the rules enough that I feel comfortable with my responsibility - no one is officially entered into the swap until the quilt is done.  If life happens, no worries!

She's also doing a great ATC give-away to promote the swap, so head on over and check it out.  As a recipient of some of Kate's work, I can attest to both the quality and creativity.

How do you connect with other artists?  What sparks your creativity?

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