Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It Might Leave a Mark

I've already blogged about what I hate most about quilting.

Here's the thing that...well, I don't exactly hate it, but I'm generally lazy and don't bother to do it right:
Yep, basting a quilt and then marking it (or vice versa) is so tedious and slow when I just want to get to the quilting part that often I just skip it and free motion quilt or eyeball my - ahem - "straight" lines.

And normally when I have a very geometric pattern, such as the Bento Box, I lean toward a more curvy-swervy-fluid quilting design (yes, that's the technical term) to break up all those lines. For some reason, though, this one seemed like it needed more lines, just going in different directions.

I saw this quilting design, which I've never used, while flipping through an old book that I've used once and have considered selling or giving away. And, upon further thought, I realized that this was not something I could just eyeball or freehand and have it come out looking right. Good thing, because when I sat down to mark the quilt I couldn't even draw it freehand, much less quilt it that way. It took a ruler and some contemplation and a LONG time.

I hope it is worth it.

Now I'm going to see if I can find a nice variegated thread to use, because the basic tan I had planned to quilt with seems a little boring after all of that. The Wanna Bees are meeting tomorrow, so I hope to make some progress.

Also, I have to brag. I have blueberries!
There are only about 8 of them, but I am so excited! I have always wanted blueberries, ever since an older gentleman at a nursery once told me that they are the perfect plant: drought resistant native to GA, with flowers in spring, so-good-for-you berries in the summer, lovely colored foliage in fall, and evergreen in winter. My mom bought me two plants in February, but Daisy kept digging one of them up (but left the other alone - no clue why). We are down to this one little lovely with her 8 berries so far. I can't wait to taste one.

Anyone know when they are ripe?

Have a great day!

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