Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Going to Guild

We passed a quilting milestone Monday night. My DD Grace attended her first quilt guild meeting with Mom and me. It was the first time the stars have been aligned to allow her to go - a combination of no school due to Spring Break and a speaker that would hold her attention. Wendy Altman (looking for a link) did a fantastic trunk show that included a sneak preview of several quilts destined for a book. It was a perfect meeting to introduce Grace to the guild. She loved seeing all of the different quilts, the attention from the other members, and the food. That's my girl!

And since Bonnie Hunter was our speaker last month, it was awesome to see how many members began their Show and Tell narrative with the words, "Bonnie Hunter changed my life!" We had more quilts to show than I've seen in awhile. We were bustin' stash, finishing UFOs, knocking out charity quilts, and getting organized in the last month. I showed 6 quilts, including a baseball themed wholecloth quilt for Tiny Stitches that I forgot to take pictures of. Oops!

I'm excited about spending some of our Spring Break sewing together with Grace and getting some more work done organizing my sewing area. Have a great week!

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  1. Well you just never know who has a blog! Its so nice to get to see what someone you know is working on while they are working on it. Looking forward to updates... -Kate


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