Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break

We just got home from a blissful week at the beach.  Normally Spring Break = Staycation for us, but since this is our last year with all three kids on the same break (~sniff~) we decided to splurge on a real vacation.

My main objection to going away this crazy week is the crowds and the traffic.  We went to Disney World one year and I swore:  NEVER AGAIN!

This year The Pit Boss handled all the details and sent me a text with the location.  He chose this quiet barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico.  I didn't have to worry about crowds.  Or lines. 

The main attraction every night was the spectacular sunset.  It was the busiest time of day on the beach; sometimes we saw as many as twenty other people.  Even on the nights when the sky wasn't totally clear, we all agreed.  A cloudy sunset at the beach is still better than a good day at home!

This is also where our vacation personalities were exposed.  The Pit Boss would much rather have been at Disney or Universal or MGM (or even Epcot).  The Bear might have preferred Destin or Panama City Beach (or anywhere with more teenage girls.)  Gracie might have chosen somewhere with less ecology and more shopping.  They all sacrificed a little bit so I could have the perfectly relaxing week of nothing but sun and sea.

But my oldest child is one with my heart.  He had no trouble relaxing.  He walked for miles on the beach, searched for lightning whelks on our kayak trip, and painted the shoreline. 

I caught up on podcasts, made 100 hexagons, and let the sound of the waves soothe my soul. 

I hope you find some time this week when your heart is truly happy!


  1. Glad you're home safe and sound! And Spring break is not as bad as Christmas break, that's the time you want to totally avoid Orlando! Ask me how I know! Spring break is at different times in different states and not everybody is on the road at the same time as opposed to Christmas when EVERYBODY, I mean EVERYBODY is on the road!
    Your pictures and Bear's painting look beautiful, such a talent? At least he had a good time, right?:) I'd much prefer the type of vacation you had over anything else. Try the Florida Keys next time, just as relaxing!

  2. My blood pressure drops just looking at your photos. And the painting is terrific. Maybe you can get your oldest into fabric design!

  3. We used to go to Disney World about 10 days before Christmas and that was just about perfect. It was still "shoulder season," (not as expensive), not as crowded as it would get a week later, but holiday festive anyway! Then the kids went to college and we couldn't work out their schedules anymore, dang. Your vacation looks wonderfully relaxing and beautiful--glad you had that opportunity! And I'm thinking your son's painting needs to be made into a quilt, LOL.


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