Saturday, December 1, 2012

Three's Company

A few weeks ago I met a friend for lunch at The Fickle Pickle in Historic Roswell.  It was a beautiful Saturday, and people were out shopping and lunching on patios.  As luck would have it, there was also an Angels Among Us pet adoption going on in the parking area.

(Loyal readers may know that Angels Among Us is also the group through whom we adopted George.  This will be important later.)

I was averting my eyes and walking away like any normal person who already has two mutts at home.  My friend and I ate our lovely lunch and had a wonderful chat before heading back to the car.  As we walked back I glanced over and saw a beagle at the adoption.  He was looking at me.  I had to pet him.  Once.  Just give him a little love.  He reminded me so much of our sweet beagle boy, Divot.  His name is Duffy.

Petting him was a mistake.  Picking him up?  End of story.  He was so sweet, laying in my arms.  I asked about him - surely an adorable beagle would be adopted quickly.  But no, they think he's about 8 years old and geriatric dogs are so much harder to place.

A homeless, elderly beagle?  How could I leave him.  I texted The Pit Boss a picture.  For the record, TPB is at least as big of a dog lover and sucker for homeless animals as I am.  I put Duffy down and walked away, but he tried to follow me.

I called home and said, "If the answer is no, tell me now because otherwise I'm bringing this dog home."

The Pit Boss said, "Do what you gotta do."

I think he might regret that a little bit now.

I asked what process I would have to go through, knowing that a home visit and background check were in order.  I told them we had adopted through them in 2011.  They asked who I adopted last time, and I said, "Georgie."

What are the odds?  The woman who found George was right there.  She pulled up a picture of him on her iPad as I was doing the same on my phone.  And guess what.  She also found Duffy.  In the same neighborhood.

(Yes, I asked the question.  What is up in that neighborhood?  She said she thinks people know she lives there and possibly dump dogs knowing she will save them.  Unreal.)  

Which meant that I got to take him home right then.

After some sniffing, a little bit of growling, and much peeing on the same spot, the dogs have reached an agreement.  No one is allowed to touch the toys except Duffy.  No one is even allowed to look at them longingly.  No one is allowed to sleep in Gracie's room except Duffy.  The order of food has to be George, then Duffy, then Daisy or there will be a fight and/or one of the boys will take Daisy's food right out of her mouth.

After the chair in Gracie's room, Duffy has found his favorite spot: 

I blame Pam


  1. He's cute. He also seems to be used to being in charge!

  2. Duffy is a cutie! I am so glad there are folks like you (and Pam) who will give these deserving animals a home. I love animals, but only other people's animals. :) I discovered I can't live with pet hair or other "stuff". SO I love other people's pets.

  3. HA HA HA. I'm glad I can share the madness, and that Duffy found a home. Fred sends his regards. :)


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