Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

My prayer for mothers today...

For all the new moms, I pray for endurance.  The learning curve is steep and exhausting.
For all the old moms, peace.  You have learned the truth behind "Little kids, little problems."
For all the grandmoms, happiness.  I hear there's nothing better than a grandbaby.  In my house, we know that they love each other so much because "they have a common enemy."
For all who want to be moms, hope.  I know that Mother's Day is one of the hardest all year.  Know that the child who is supposed to bless your life is coming, maybe not the way you wanted, maybe not the way you planned.
For all who have lost their moms, peace.  May her spirit always fill you with wisdom and love.
For all who have lost a child, faith.  On this day for honoring mothers, remember that you still are one, even if your child is not with you, even if no one else remembers.  I pray that you are filled with faith that you will hold your baby again, or for the first time. 

To my own mom, THANK YOU! for putting up with me and teaching me that being "the meanest mom on the block" doesn't mean I'm messing it up.

To my mother-in-law, THANK YOU! for putting up with him and raising the wonderful man I adore.
To our grandmoms, we miss you and love you.

To all my friends who are moms of kids older than mine, thanks for the advice and encouragement.
To my friends who are moms of kids younger than mine, especially those late-in-life unexpected arrivals, thanks for the smiles and the memories!

I hope every one of you has a beautiful day!

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