Friday, June 18, 2010

Batik with Kids - Cheap Summer Fun

Gracie and I have been looking for cheap summer fun, especially indoors activities for those Code Orange smog alert/100 degree weather days.  Her camp for this week was canceled while both boys were gone, so we took advantage of some girl time.

Thanks so much to Skip to My Lou's Craft Camp blog series.  I follow them on facebook, and saw this great post about batiking with kids by That Artist Woman.

On Tuesday, we used the Elmer's Blue Glue to outline our designs.

On Wednesday, we filled in with watered down acrylic paints. (On sale this week at Michael's for 50 cents apiece!)

On Thursday, we soaked the fabric in the tub to get the hot water out.

And today, we sewed it into a pillow and stuffed it.

Voila!  What kind of summer fun have you been up to?

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