Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Not-So-Organized-Christmas and the Magic Elf

Can you believe Thanksgiving has come and gone? Time to start thinking about Christmas for REAL now!

I've fallen off the Organized Christmas wagon for a few weeks, but am determined to get back on in full force.

This week
is when we pull out all of our decorations and organize the storage area where they live. One thing I finally figured out a few years ago was to pack all of the Advent decorations and ideas together so that, no matter how crazy, I could at least pull out that one box in time for the first Sunday. It also helps me stay focused on the point of it all.

The other thing that happens at our house this week is the arrival of our Magic Elf. I know there are strong feelings on both sides of allowing an Elf into your home, and I was on the other side for a LONG time. Finally my daughter convinced me to get a helpful elf, and I caved. I'll have to admit that Candie is a huge help in December when life gets crazy; she decorates, finishes wrapping gifts or addressing cards when I'm too tired, and leaves fun surprises for cold weekend entertainment. We got very lucky not to have one of those mischievous elves who make messes and play tricks!

Does an elf visit your house? When do you start decorating? Are you prepared or in a panic? I love to hear about different traditions.

Whatever you do to get in the spirit, I hope it's going smoothly. Enjoy the end of the long weekend. Tomorrow: more quilty posting!


  1. Great job, Jennie! I love reading about your holiday traditions.

    Since we so seldom hear of a "helpful" elf, I can't wait to see what this year's Magic Elf visit will bring to your home!

    Perhaps it's just that the mischievous elves get all the press?


    Cynthia Ewer, Editor
    Organized Christmas

  2. Oh my! Cynthia herself posting on my blog! I'm blushing!

    Thanks for coming by. I hope to keep everyone up to date on Candie's adventures. I have the beginnings of an article about her first holiday with us, including daily photographs, that could be included as a resource for other parents wishing for more help and less mischief. I hope your visit will give me the motivation to finish it.



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